Get inspiration for your company’s servitization strategy

Is there a need for a better basis for determining which strategy and approach to servitization is the right one? The practical guide ’Survey of the Danish Servitization Landscape’ from CBS provides an inspiring overview of the Danish development in the field and helps to find the right strategy.

How to choose a servitization strategy?

Servitization is on its way, and the development will be of great importance to Danish manufacturing companies. However, it can be difficult to assess what strategy to pursue when venturing into a new territory of providing services. The practical guide ‘Survey of the Danish Servitization Landscape: Service Performance and Service Strategies’ from CBS has surveyed the range of services among 143 Danish manufacturing companies. It shows

  • that companies have started to focus more on services,
  • that they offer a wide range of services,
  • and that revenue from services is growing.

With this guide in hand, you also get an overview of the kind of services companies offer today, which you can be inspired by.

Six service categories

The practical guide divides the many different services into six categories

  • Customer service: Basic services – e.g. installation and transport
  • After-sales service: After-sales services – e.g. customer support
  • R&D-oriented service: Services for research and development for the customer – e.g. testing, simulation and optimization
  • Maintenance service: Product maintenance services – e.g. maintenance contracts
  • Operational services: Service for handling of uptime and use – e.g. the daily operation of the product
  • Smart services: Services that take advantage of new technology – e.g. remote monitoring of products and software updates.

The practical guide also shows how large a share of the service-providing manufacturing companies is represented within each category.

hvilke typer services udbyder danske virksomheder?

The distribution of services in the six main categories – what percentage of the companies surveyed provide services within the listed categories

Valuable inspiration

For a company that is about to embark on its journey of servitization, there is valuable inspiration to be had for the service strategy. If you have an ambitions of offering an after-sales service, the practical guide provides an opportunity to acquire the insight as to which specific services in the field are already widespread, and which you can as a result seek knowledge about and be inspired by. You can also see which services are less widespread within the individual categories, and where you as a result have the opportunity to develop services and create a business.

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact

Henrik Blach, Project Manager, Servitize.DK, tel. +45 43 25 05 10

Rapport: Survey of the Danish Servitization Landscape

Christer Karlsson, Per Stjernqvist, Thomas Frandsen

Department of Operations Management, CBS

For a company that is about to embark on its journey of servitization, there is valuable inspiration to be had