Map your market offerings

Who is the pratical guide for?

Market exchange is becoming increasingly complex. What sellers actually offer, to which kind of buyers, and how value propositions are presented convincingly to buyers have taken on new and challenging developments with the introduction of new technologies which allow new ways to design market offerings and new ways for customers, intermediaries and providers of complementary offerings to obtain value. This calls for analysis, understanding and strategic decisions.

The booklet is written for decision makers in manufacturing firms who want to analyze their market offerings – regarding the combination of products (resources for exchange), processes (service interactions), and platforms (interactions within an ecosystem). The booklet offers tools for reflecting and analyzing – and thus offers executives the opportunity to understand their current market offerings and value propositions.

About this practical guide

This booklet has been developed during the “P+S+D Integration Research Project” at Copenhagen Business School. The project investigates the level of integration of product, service, and data as well as P+S+D strategies and initiatives in manufacturing firms in Denmark. The project is a part of the ServitizeDK project, financially supported by Industriens Fond.

This booklet is based on 19 interviews with executives from manufacturing firms that also offer services and thus have a broad market offering. The development of the framework used in the interviews and presented in this booklet is based on contributions from the strategy literature (e.g., Stabel & Fjeldstad, 1998), the marketing literature (e.g., Eggert et al., 2016), the innovation literature (e.g., Chesbrough, Lettl, & Ritter, 2018), and the business model literature (e.g., Ritter & Lettl, 2018; Ritter & Pedersen, 2020)

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Carsten Lund Pedersen, Thomas Ritter, Poul Houman Andersen

Department of Strategy and Innovation