Sustainability as a Service Offering

About this practical guide

This report stems from research undertaken by Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as part of a three-year research project on “Product+Service+Data Integration” – in short, P+S+D Integration. The project is part of a larger initiative, Servitize.DK, which aims to enhance Danish firms’ abilities to successfully compete by providing service offerings. The project is financially supported by Industriens Fond.

The aim of the P+S+D Integration project is to examine the potential of services and digitalization and their integration with products to serve as a means of maintaining or improving the competitiveness of Danish manufacturers.

The project focuses on investigating P+S+D integration in relation to four themes:

  1.  Autonomy in P+S+D development and delivery in organizations,
  2. Organizations’ P+S+D market strategies,
  3. Configuration of P+S+D resources, and
  4. Value-based pricing of P+S+D solutions.
sustainability as a service offering

Thomas Frandsen, Juliana Hsuan, Jawwad Raja, Thomas Ritter

Department of Operations Management, Department of Strategy and Innovation