What is your strategy?

Who is the pratical guide for?

This booklet builds upon and extends our previous work on business strategy, which we published in April 2020 in the Harvard Business Review. While the general ideas remain the same, certain aspects have changed from the original article. For instance, we have realized that strategic decisions regarding “position” are best served by explicitly considering three subdimensions, namely purpose, place, and performance. Likewise, in this booklet, we have reduced our focus on crisis management – the predominant context of our original article. Instead, we aim to provide a general guide for strategy development – applicable regardless of the situation at hand.

This booklet stems from research undertaken by Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as part of a three-year research project on “Product+Service+Data Integration” – in short, P+S+D Integration. The project is part of a larger initiative, Servitize.DK, which aims to enhance Danish firms’ abilities to successfully compete by providing service offerings. The project is financially supported by The Danish Industry Foundation.

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Carsten Lund Pedersen, Thomas Ritter

Department of Strategy and Innovation